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Safe internet, privacy tools for your desktop, here you will find best anonymity tools list for desktop, mobile, android, iphone.

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Anonymity and privacy starts with the operational system. No Windows, no MacOS - it's proprietary software against privacy.
list of privacy-respecting frontends to popular services like social media.
check what your computer or browser leak
I would advise people to be careful with plugins/extensions/add-ons. Add-ons are risky, they bring more attack surface, and you add yet another party you need to trust add-on developer. Before installing add-ons, think about the following: What does the add-on do and what is the impact of it? Who is the developer of this add-on? Is said add-on open source? Does the benefit of add-on outweigh the con of extra attack surface, and adding another party to trust.
free email address with imap or web boxed. Always remember that email is insecure way of communications